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Little Boots

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Mar. 13th, 2014 | 02:11 am

Little Boots (by Darrick Patrick)

When I was probably around four or five years old, so more than likely 1984/1985, I was walking down the road in Dayton with my mother and some of her "punk" friends.  I want to say this was when she was living over by or off of Main Street.  So, this group of guys started harassing my mom and her friends, calling them "freaks, whores, niggers, faggots, etc."  Basically trying to start a fight with the "weirdos" in the neighborhood.

Anthony Bronston, or "Black" Anthony as he was called, was a good friend of my mother.  He had been working on some phrases with me at the time.  Probably words that I could scream as a kid on to old reel-to-reel recordings that could be used in punk songs at the time.  I remember them doing that with me a few times in the '80s at the Front Street warehouses.  Anyway, as this little gang of guys tried to get at us, I turned around in my little black combat boots and yelled, "Fuck you, Nazi rednecks!"

I don't recall anything about the situation after that, and barely remember that myself at all.  That's just one of those stories that came up a thousand times by my mother in the years afterwards.


Older story involving my mother Rita Patrick (R.I.P.)

For the growing list: http://darrickpatrick.livejournal.com/120723.html


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