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Mistaken Identity

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Mar. 16th, 2014 | 03:31 am

Mistaken Identity (by Darrick Patrick)

The date was December 24th, Christmas Eve of 1996.  My mother Rita and I went to a private party at Anselmo's Restaurant with Perry McAuley of Graveyard Rodeo and Greg White.  I believe it was the House of Shock awards ceremony for that year.  The House of Shock is a haunted house attraction in New Orleans that started in 1992.  One of the co-founders is Phil Anselmo, vocalist of Down, Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, etc.  It was his father's restaurant that the awards were being given at.

This was the first and only time I was ever there, so I'm not sure if the bathroom was always unisex but it was that evening.  At one point, while I was using a urinal in the restroom, a lady approached me from behind and started rubbing on my chest and stomach.  She then said, "Phil."  I turned and said, "Uh, nope."

Now, this was back when I had long hair.  I believe Anselmo was in the process of growing his hair out and had gotten it fairly long by that point.  From behind, she just assumed I was a pissing Phil.  "Wow, you're young.  Damn, you look like Phil."  That's all she said before she left out the door.

I came back out to our table where Perry, Greg, and mom were having drinks.  I told them about my experience in the bathroom.  They laughed.  A little later on, Phil Anselmo comes over to the table and started talking with us.  Mom tells him about what happened.  The first thing he says is, "Shit, you wish you were as pretty as me."  Then he cocked his head at me, studying my face.  He looks at Rita and says, "You and I never, uh, did we?"  Mom tells him no and he has a look of relief roll across him.  Phil was scared for a moment.


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